Learn More About Our Story Genres

Action is a flexible resource that can fit into many classroom settings, whether you’re using it as a core resource or as a supplement. In each issue of Action, you get a range of cross-genre content with incredible scaffolding and a different skill focus built into each article format.

Formats include: Mini-ReadIn the NewsTrue Teen StoryNonfiction FeatureReader’s Theater PlayRead-Aloud FictionShort NonfictionDebatesPaired TextsPoetry, and Infographic


A bite-sized interview with a young adult in an interesting career, designed to introduce students to the hard and soft skills required for real-world success.

Activity/Skill Focus: Comprehension

In the News

A short, timely nonfiction article about a current event relevant to teens, explained in a way they can understand and relate to.

Activity/Skill Focus: Summarizing

True Teen Story

A profile of an incredible teen written in the first or third person and often focusing on a teen who has overcome a hardship, beat the odds, or stood up for what they believe in.

Activity/Skill Focus: Text Structure

Nonfiction Feature

A beautifully crafted six-page work of narrative nonfiction that delves into an important and highly engaging topic, often connected to social studies and science content areas. Typical selections present significant events in history, natural disasters, and inspiring figures from the past or present.

Activity/Skill Focus: Text Evidence

Reader’s Theater Play

In alternating issues, read-aloud plays provide a perfect opportunity to practice fluency and learn about the features of drama. Action plays are often adapted from classic short stories, myths, or biographies, or they introduce students to significant historical events.

Activity/Skill Focus: Inference

Read-Aloud Fiction

High-quality fiction by renowned authors in alternating issues, leveled for struggling readers and made more accessible with guiding questions. Stories often address themes relevant to teens, including identity, change, bullying, and friendship. Genres include realistic fiction, science fiction, and fantasy.

Activity/Skill Focus: Inference

Short Nonfiction

Super-short nonfiction, often presented in the following formats: Where in the World (a geography focus), Time Machine (a history focus), or Weird But True (a culture or science focus).

Activity/Skill Focus: Paragraph Writing


Debates on hot-button topics and relatable moral dilemmas prompt students to read and analyze a text or texts that explore both sides of an issue. After identifying points on both sides of the debate, students use our differentiated graphic organizers to write an argumentative essay or paragraph.

Activity/Skill Focus: Central Idea and Supporting Details, Argumentative Writing

Paired Texts

Two texts united by topic or theme—for example, two nonfiction articles, or a nonfiction text paired with a poem, interview, or other genre. Topics often draw on science, social studies, current events, and social-emotional learning concepts.

Activity/Skill Focus: Compare and Contrast or Synthesis


Some issues of Action feature scaffolded poems by poets such as Carl Sandburg, Tupac Shakur, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Jason Reynolds.

Activity/Skill Focus: Close Reading


Most issues of Action include infographics that convey facts and data about a teen-friendly topic using photos, graphs, charts, and other images. Students draw on the information presented to complete an activity online.

Activity/Skill Focus: Text Features