Using Lesson Plans

With every major article in Action, you’ll find a custom lesson plan to help you kickstart your planning. Find them linked to the bottom of the article, under Teaching Resources.

Think of these lesson plans almost like recipes – you’ll see the different skills the article targets, the learning objective, and a guide you can follow for close-reading and critical-thinking questions, along with culminating activities to reinforce learning.

You can take the lesson plans and follow them as-is, or pull out and customize whatever you need to work for your classroom. Many teachers find that our lesson plans are great guiding resource to share with substitute teachers.

Keep an eye out for our Learn-Anywhere Activity to find a special enrichment project to extend the learning journey at home or in the classroom

And if you're looking to reach ELL students, you'll also find a list of question that you can tailor to your students’ proficiency levels, as well as quick tips to boost students’ language skills.